Episode 21: Who Watches The Watchers

Wikileaks has essentially informed the entire world not only the CIA is spying on everything, through almost every device imaginable, but exactly how they are doing it; and no one seems to care. This rant deals with two questions: Should we care and are wikileaks, and any US citizens who leaked the data, anti secrecy warriors or traitors? 

This are not straight forward or simple questions. Certainly in some cases Wikileaks does function as an anti-secrecy warrior and provides needed information.  In this case however, Wikileaks has made the world less safe.  Is it scary the CIA has this ability? Certainly.  Is there a potential for misuse? Absolutely.  However the CIA, in order to do its job, needs to have the ability to function the way the vault 7 leak indicates they can. The vault 7 leak gave valuable information anyone looking to avoid CIA surveillance, and that just made the whole world a less safe place.