Episode 14: Super Heroin Bros.

Video gaming is seen by some as a hobby only for kids or loser immature adults with no ambition. This is absurd.  It is a form of entertainment no different from any other method of killing time. The World Health Organization has determined to take the misinformation campaign to the next level though and classify gaming disorder as an addiction similar to alcoholism or drug use. One of the wildly unreliable studies claimed gaming is as addicting as heroin.  

Today's quick rant discusses gaming, the rush to apply diagnostic methods used for gambling and substance abuse to something no different than binge watching netflix, and why that is reckless, irresponsible and could serve to deepen the public distrust of medical health professionals, as well as apply a stigma to gaming that it doesn't deserve. 

***Note - There are real mental health issues that millions face and deal with daily. Many professionals in that industry are attempting to do their best to help those individuals. However, research like this, equating video game addiction to heroin abuse, is absurd and part of a problem in an industry that admits suffers from a rush to medicate. The heroin issue in America is an epidemic. To equate people screwing around playing Call of Duty to the evils of heroin abuse is reckless, unprofessional and any research leading to that conclusion must be inherently biased. To the many mental health professionals and researchers who care and help their patients, thank you, the world needs more of you.