Episode 57: Fake News! War On Christmas

If I had the audience I someday hope to have, this one would generate the nasty emails and comments. It is Christmas time, which means someone you know is probably very upset about the war on Christmas. Yes, the war on Christmas as evidenced by City Hall not being able to put out a Nativity Scene, or schools no longer having Christmas Break or Christmas Parties or decorations, or not telling the story of the Birth of Jesus in classrooms, or even Star Bucks infamous Red Cup from a couple years ago. 

This year, the brave patriots fighting to save Christmas have a new champion as the President is saying Merry Christmas to everyone, including those who don't celebrate that particular holiday, because hey, that's the American way, adapt to our culture or get out. 

Spolier - there is no war on Christmas, those who truly believe there is are insane.