Episode 56: Social Media Spiral

By now most of you know the story of Keaton Jones. He is the 11 year old child whose mother filmed him tearfully explaining his heartbreaking experience with bullies. What happened next was incredible as celebrities and regular people across the nation reached out to tell Keaton that they had his back.  What happened next was the spiral. Keaton's mother is possibly, (probably, almost certainly) a racist. Some rumors say Keaton may have been using racial slurs at school causing the bullying. 

The mom is taking heat. If you want to go after Kimberly Jones for her possibly racist posts on Facebook and photos with the confederate flag, a symbol many associate with racism and white nationalism, go ahead, but Keaton is 11 years old. To him, the bullying is real and the scars are real. Social media is asking why this kid gets support and not victims of racism. I say why can't we support both? Even if Keaton's mom does turn to be intolerant garbage, and even if Keaton has been influenced by her, an 11 year child can be reached and taught that racism is wrong and abhorrent. Aside from all of that childhood bullying and its psychological impact is real and can impact a person for years, even as an adult. Our personalities are formed as a child and can impact our decisions as adults. There is a national discussion on bullying going on again, and that is a good thing, even if the messenger (Kimberly Jones) may not be a good person and even if Keaton may need to have his world view widened. 

Side note - I am not in any way excusing the mother's racism, or if true, Keaton's. Nor am I saying bullying is a more serious issue than the clearly existent racism issue in America. I am saying we can solve more than one issue at a time and that an 11 year child should not be excommunicated from society because of his parents.