Episode 1: Version 2

After a long hiatus One Fall is relaunching. Things will be a little different but it is still us and our style. This week we discuss AEW and the positive impact this will have on a stagnate WWE. Scott advances a theory that Stephanie McMahon is to blame for the PG era and Hollywood writers. We also look ahead to some possible Wrestlemania scenarios with Becky, Charlotte and Ronda. We also mix in a discussion of who the best technical male and female wrestler’s are.

Looking ahead we plan to mix in more wrestling related movie and documentary reviews, as well as retrospectives on past pay per views from bygone era’s as well discussions of individual wrestlers careers, standout events or matches and more darker and crazier things like The Kevin Sullivan Conspiracy, which explores the crazy theory that Kevin Sullivan was involved in the Benoit family tragedy.

It’s One Fall 2.0 - a lot will be the same, but eventually much will be different. Like all things version 2.0 will take a minute to find its final form, and as we introduce changes it may sound more similar than different, but in the end a more diverse show is coming - we hope you will be along for the ride